Focus and scope


Tafkir: Interdisciplinary Journal of Islamic Education  (ISSN 2723-4975) is an open-access scholarly journal, publishing peer-reviewed studies of Islamic Education thought and practice. It is available online to promote critical, hermeneutical, historical, and constructive conversations.
Tafkir: Interdisciplinary Journal of Islamic Education is the leading journal in Islamic educational institutions concerning Islamic education. The journal promotes research and scholarly discussion concerning Integrative Islamic Education in Academic disciplines and Institutions, focusing on the advancement of scholarship in both formal and non-formal education.  Topics might be about Islamic educational studies in madrasahs (Islamic schools), and pesantren (Islamic boarding schools).


  • Islamic Education Professionalism; (Madrasah and Pesantren)
  • Islamic Education Curriculum; (Madrasah and Pesantren)
  • Leadership in Islamic Education;  (Madrasah and Pesantren)
  • Local Wisdom-Based Islamic Education; (Madrasah and Pesantren)
  • Development of Learning Theory and Design; and
  • Character of Islamic Education; (Madrasah and Pesantren)